Allegheny River Coated With Oily Lead – Again

Once again the specialty steel company Allegheny Ludlum has soiled the Allegheny river, this according to the website An oily looking substance, which is all we know at this point as to what it actually is, has been spotted near the company’s riverside plant by Brackenridge and Harrison. A spokesman for the company did come out to confirm the leak and acknowledge that the origin appears to be the company’s river plant. Although he was very careful as to the words he used to describe the leak on the water saying that, “We did see a sheen.”

This marks the 3rd time that a suspicious looking substance has appeared on the river since July 2008. Crews were already at work placing booms near the downriver inlets where Brackenridge and Tarentum get their drinking water. These booms help absorb the oil on the top of the water so that it does not contaminate the drinking water. Some residents were asking how safe the water was to swim in. They also stated that oil seemed to take a good amount of time to dissipate in the river.

The company spokesman also stated that all parties required by law have been notified.
We all know that due to the growth of industry and a corresponding increase in the use of chemicals, the number of dangerous or toxic substances in our environment has grown immeasurably.

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