Anapol Schwartz Personal Injury Law Firm Debuts New Workers’ Compensation Website

The personal injury law firm of Anapol Weiss is pleased to introduce the debut of its workers’ compensation website: In having dedicated over 30 years to helping individuals injured while on the job seek compensation for their injuries, Anapol Weiss offers the experience and know-how that injured workers need to hold negligent companies accountable for unsafe work conditions. The launching of Anapol Weiss’s workers’ compensation website serves as a credible resource for workers seeking information pertaining to compensation, eligibility, benefits, and lawsuits centering-around workers’ compensation issues.

The workers’ compensation website seeks to serve as a valuable source of information for all things workers’ comp related. Visitors to the website can browse a variety of topics, including: Low Wage Workers Compensation, Workplace Injuries (including positional and repetitive activity injuries and slips and falls), and PA Workers Compensation Law. They may also request a free copy of The Book on Comp: A Guide to PA Workers Compensation, written by the lawyers of Anapol Weiss, that further discusses a variety of helpful facts, including: 6 common workplace injuries eligible for workers comp, 4 factors that workers’ compensation is based on, 3 questions on every injured employee’s mind, and 6 reasons to consult a workers’ compensation lawyer.

Workers’ compensation affects far too many individuals each and every year. Employers have an obligation to provide their employees with safe working conditions, and any deviation away from that can and should be deemed as negligent behavior. Injured employees have a variety of rights that protect them against negligent employers and third parties, and should never feel as though injuries sustained while on the job are completely their fault. For more information about New Jersey workers’ compensation laws or to have one of our attorneys calculate your estimated compensation rate through our Workers Compensation Benefits Calculator, please visit or call (866) 735-2792 for a free consultation with one of the skilled Pennsylvania workers’ compensation lawyers at Anapol Weiss.

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