Are You Safe in Parking Garages? Collapse Raises Safety Concerns

University of Georgia officials were startled to find out that Hardin Construction Co., the general contractor that is currently building its parking garages, is the same contractor that built the Centergy garage that just collapsed in midtown Atlanta, according to a story. Fortunately the collapse in Atlanta did not injure anyone except by way of their vehicles. also reported on July 1st, that UGA officials have ordered that their 10 parking garages be inspected along with the two garages that are currently under construction. Hardin Construction Co. is leading the construction team that is erecting two 400 plus parking garages on the UGA campus. The two lots are scheduled to open sometime this coming fall after a thorough inspection that reveals a safely built parking garage.

This eye-opener for Hardin Construction Co. hopefully will prevent any other collapses that could be a lot more costly, especially in terms of human lives. The private contractors as well as the owners of these buildings must make every conceivable effort to ensure that the parking garages are built correctly and efficiently in order to insure public safety.

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