Back to School Safety Tips

children_6719898.jpgSchool’s back in session, and while family’s are loading up backpacks and picking out fall wardrobes, it’s important to keep safety as a first priority. As part of a post on their blog, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) issued a few of the following tips to remember as your child goes back to school.

If your child rides a bike or a scooter to school, make sure that he or she wears a correctly fitting helmet. The helmet must fit tight, without being obstructive or painful, and it should sit flat on the center of the skull. Head protection with adjustable padding or back straps usually works best and should also have a buckled chin strap. The helmet should not shift upward, downward or from one side to the other, or else it’s likely to come off in the event of a crash.

Be sure to immediately buy another if one becomes damaged because, as the CPSC notes, helmets only do their job once! Just as important as it is for your child to wear a helmet on the road, it’s equally important for them to remove it once entering the schoolyard, as they can become lodged in the holes in playground gear that could cause strangulation.

The CPSC reported 26 instances of fatalities when the string on a child’s clothes was caught in bus doors, playground slides and other objects. Waist and bottom drawstrings have also been lodged in doors and other vehicle parts, resulting in dragging incidents. So make sure your child’s jackets, sweatshirts and “hoodies” do not contain drawstrings in the upper or bottom parts. New rules mandate that there should be no more than three inches of the string hanging when clothing is stretched out.

Is your child gearing up for a sports season? If so, CPSC asks that school officials, coaches and maintenance staff take all necessary precautions and instructions to provide safe playing grounds. If your child has been injured during school activities in Pennsylvania, call the Scranton personal injury attorneys with Anapol Weiss at 1-866-735-2792 for a complimentary consultation.

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