Bellefonte Pedestrian Accident: Residents Blame Short Bike Path

The website reported in an account on March 23, 2009 that Scott Hilliard was struck and killed by a vehicle while walking alongside Airport Road in the auto accident in Bellefonte. There is a bike path running along this road but it is a couple hundred feet before it reaches State Route 550. Markings along the road indicate that Hilliard must have been struck while he was walking on the side of the road where the bike path runs short.

Maureen Farber said, “When we found his Bible he had pictures of the kids in there.”

Hilliard’s relatives believe that he was struck while walking home to his apartment on Governors Park Road, and was attempting to reach the bike path that runs alongside that road. The tragic auto accident in Pennsylvania happened around 7pm.

Farber said, “I just feel like Scott, he didn’t really get a chance. His life was brief and he spent most of his time in pain. It really frustrated me that he died with his feet at the bottom of the bike path. There was no where for him to walk.”

According to Farber, many elderly people without cars live in the area were the Pennsylvania wrongful death accident happened.

“They need a way to get back and forth. My own kids had to walk to the high school. It’s not safe. I don’t understand why there’s a bike path with no way to get to it. I don’t ever want to see that happen again,” said Farber.

Ralph Stewart, Borough Manager, said talks have been raised about constructing a sidewalk that would connect into the bike path; but two problems have hindered this from happening. Stewart stated that Zion and Airport Roads are state roads and that “our grant funds did not allow us to do that.” Secondly, the Department of Transportation has plans to widen the roads in that area, possibly changing the alignment of the Airport Road intersection. Stanley Goldman, Mayor, stated they are open to options.

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