Brookstone Recalls Acetaminophen Drops Because of Overdosing Hazards

Brookstone Pharmaceuticals has issued a voluntary recall of all lots of its Concentrated
Acetaminophen Drops that come in 16-ounce bulk containers. According to a consumer safety alert issued by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, the 16-ounce container is comparable to the size normally used to package regular strength acetaminophen liquid preparations. This aspect of the product combined with the absence of an integrated dosage delivery device could possibly contribute to dosing errors or inadvertent overdosing.

Overdosing on acetaminophen can cause a variety of complications including liver toxicity, kidney damage and blood disorders. The recalled drops were manufactured by Pharmaceutical Associates Inc. Consumers and those who have this unsafe product in their possession are asked to stop using it right away.

Drug makers, pharmacists and doctors have a duty to make sure that the medications they prescribe do not cause their patients injury or harm. Some drugs have dangerous side effects that can sometimes leave patients with long-term or lifelong damage. In some cases, mislabeling of drugs can cause dosage errors, which can also result in serious personal injury or death.

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