Car Struck by Tractor-Trailer on Route 287 after Running Out of Gas

A motorist ran out of gas on Tuesday, September 14th in the center lane of Route 287 and was then rear-ended by a tractor-trailer, according to an article on The accident occurred near the NY state border at around 6:30pm. When the tractor-trailer struck the vehicle, it sent the car into the center guardrail. Additionally, the large truck struck the guardrail and then a pole which split the gas tank and leaked nearly 50 gallons of fuel. The truck’s cargo, which consisted of 300-pound rolls of paper rolled out onto the highway. Both the driver of the truck and the passenger vehicle sustained non-life threatening injuries.

It is the responsibility of all motorists to obey all traffic rules and pay attention while driving. It is especially important for truck drivers to pay close attention to their surroundings since it takes a truck longer to stop. It is unclear as to why the truck driver in this particular accident was unable to avoid the crash. Investigators may check to see if alcohol or fatigue played a role in causing the New Jersey tractor trailer accident. If it is found that some form of negligence on the part of the truck driver contributed to the crash, the woman in the passenger car may be able to seek compensation for damages.

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