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A 63-year old West Philadelphia man is dead and another is in critical condition after a collision involving three ATVs occurred around 7:30pm on Sunday, September 5. According to a report on ABC 6, the accident happened at 52nd and Jefferson streets when two ATVs collided with the third ATV. The 63-year old man was pronounced dead at the scene with another driver admitted to a local area hospital. The third driver involved in the crash left the scene. An investigation is pending.

It is unclear what caused this tragic Pennsylvania ATV crash, however, there are number of factors that may have contributed. A thorough investigation will determine how fast each vehicle was going when the crash happened as well as whether or not alcohol was a factor.

Additionally, investigators may want to check to see if any of the ATV models were listed in a recent recall for a defective part. Should the investigation conclude that any of these factors contributed to the wrongful death of the ATV driver or to the other driver’s injuries, family members of the deceased as well as the injured victim may be entitled to compensation from negligent parties.

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