Articles Posted in Construction Accident reports new information has been released regarding the tragic trench collapse last month in Newberry Township in York County that killed one man and seriously injured another.

In March of 2009, red flags were raised when county inspectors from the York County Conservation District discovered erosion-control problems with the project for stormwater drains. The site was owned by Eclipse Builders Inc., and a spokesperson for the company said work was being done on the 3.5 acre site for future development. The company alleges inspectors were concerned with the site in particular because it had once been a junkyard, and report it took 27 months to obtain a permit to work on the land.

According to county records, inspectors had visited the property seven times to ensure runoff was not draining into Fishing Creek, which eventually drains into the Chesapeake Bay, and were not related to safety matters. However, each inspection discovered some form of failure in erosion controls. A county report states that Eclipse Builders Inc. did not initially submit an erosion and sedimentation control plan, but did so in June of 2010, which was then approved in July. Afterwards, inspections noted that earth disturbance activities were still in violation of state laws. However, a review of the most recent inspection report shows that the majority of the conditions had been met. Two days before the trench collapse, county inspectors visited the site, but the trench had yet to be dug.

The structures we work and live in are built to be safe. However, during the construction process, when materials are haphazardly strewn about and a building’s frame is exposed, building sites are some of the most dangerous places individuals can be employed at. Ultimately, it is the responsibility of construction site owners and foremen to provide their employees with work environments that are as safe as they possibly can be.

The single most prevalent type of accident on a construction site centers around slip and fall incidents. According to an news article, a construction worker was recently injured after he fell from the second floor of the physical science building at the University of Central Florida. The injured construction worker sustained head injuries and was transported to Orlando Regional Medical Center for treatment. Reportedly, the building is under construction.
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Almost any type of work or job has its inherent risks and dangers. However, it has been statistically proven that construction sites are more hazardous than most other job sites. Accidents at construction sites often result in catastrophic injury or death. Still, even at a construction site, accidents and hazards can be prevented by implementing stringent safety standards. It is critical for employers to make sure that workers are properly trained in the operation of various types of machinery so they don’t expose themselves to danger by operating heavy machinery that they are not trained to operate.

Construction accidents in Philadelphia can result from defective or unstable scaffolds and falls off of or through roofing structures. Other common construction accidents that can result in serious injury or death include electrocutions, ladder injuries, defective machinery, malfunctioning tools and slip and fall incidents.

When defective or malfunctioning products cause construction accidents, the injured worker, in addition to collection worker’s compensation benefits, can also file a product liability claim against the manufacturer of the defective product.
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The website reported in an article on March 10, 2009 that Richard Reed Custer, 41 a journeyman electrician died while at work as a result of what appears to be an accident. The forklift construction accident in Pennsylvania happened at a site in the Poland Mines in Dunkard Township, Greene County. According to police reports, Custer was an employee for TP Electric and working for Lincoln Contracting at the water pumping and filtration plant construction site. Custer was working on a scissor lift that was raised so that he could install brackets. Somehow a forklift that was picking up wooden pieces bumped into the scissor lift, knocking it over on its side, flinging Custer from the protected metal basket.

Custer was immediately rushed to Ruby Memorial Hospital in Morgantown. Upon arrival there he was pronounced dead. State investigators are continuing their investigation and will conduct an autopsy.

Many construction sites are not as safe as they could be. The reality is that many Philadelphia construction site accidents can be prevented if the employer implements smart and enforceable safety practices. Workers should be properly trained in the operation of machinery, and the site properly managed according to legal standards. In the United States construction is a very large industry. It is also a high risk industry. It ranks third in the rate of injury caused deaths, following mining and agriculture. For every 100,000 workers, 15 die due to injury.

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