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A refinery fire in Great Falls, Montana recently resulted in a worker sustaining first-and second-degree burns. In an article by, the fire is described as having broken out late one night in Montana Refining Co’s Great Falls location. The facility in which the blaze took place is a 10,000 barrel per day refinery, and the fire occurred inside a unit that was being repaired at the time of the incident. According to the article, the fire ignited when propane began leaking past one of the check valves. The cause of the ignition is still being investigated by the Great Falls fire marshal.

The more potentially dangerous a work environment is, the greater the precautions that should be put into place in order to ensure employee safety. In the above mentioned incident, it has yet to be determined whether or not negligent action on the part of the employer or a third party (i.e. contractor, sub-contractor, etc.) took place and contributed towards the workplace injury accident. In the event that the employer or a third party did act negligently, the injured employee may be able to seek compensation for his injury. These damages can be used to help cover the costs associated with the accident, such as medical bills, physical therapy fees, and even wages lost as a result of time off of work.
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When we walk our children to the bus stop before school, we take for granted that sound judgment has been made in regard to the bus driver selection process. As a recent Los Angeles Times article explains, a driver’s history is often a good indication of future action, and paying attention to that history, at least in this case, could have prevented both injury and the senseless loss of life.

Reportedly, a school bus was involved in a fatal accident after its driver turned in front of and collided with a Honda Civic. The accident resulted in serious injury to the driver and took the life of the vehicle’s passenger. What makes this incident even more problematic is that the driver was previously involved in a cell phone related accident in 1999 in which he ran a stop sign, consequently taking the life of a 2-year old girl.

According to the article, the bus company that employs the man, Student Transportation of America, reasoned that while they knew of a traffic infraction in the driver’s past, they did not investigate it because the statute of limitations for investigations of such driving infractions is only five years. The driver had an otherwise clean driving record, came highly referred from his previous employer, and even completed safe-driver training prior to employment. However, regardless of whether or not such statutes had expired and such an exemplary driving record after the fact existed, one could argue that transporting children is a job that requires a more thorough background check, and that a complete driving record should have been fully taken into consideration.
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The personal injury law firm of Anapol Weiss is pleased to introduce the debut of its workers’ compensation website: In having dedicated over 30 years to helping individuals injured while on the job seek compensation for their injuries, Anapol Weiss offers the experience and know-how that injured workers need to hold negligent companies accountable for unsafe work conditions. The launching of Anapol Weiss’s workers’ compensation website serves as a credible resource for workers seeking information pertaining to compensation, eligibility, benefits, and lawsuits centering-around workers’ compensation issues.

The workers’ compensation website seeks to serve as a valuable source of information for all things workers’ comp related. Visitors to the website can browse a variety of topics, including: Low Wage Workers Compensation, Workplace Injuries (including positional and repetitive activity injuries and slips and falls), and PA Workers Compensation Law. They may also request a free copy of The Book on Comp: A Guide to PA Workers Compensation, written by the lawyers of Anapol Weiss, that further discusses a variety of helpful facts, including: 6 common workplace injuries eligible for workers comp, 4 factors that workers’ compensation is based on, 3 questions on every injured employee’s mind, and 6 reasons to consult a workers’ compensation lawyer.

Workers’ compensation affects far too many individuals each and every year. Employers have an obligation to provide their employees with safe working conditions, and any deviation away from that can and should be deemed as negligent behavior. Injured employees have a variety of rights that protect them against negligent employers and third parties, and should never feel as though injuries sustained while on the job are completely their fault. For more information about New Jersey workers’ compensation laws or to have one of our attorneys calculate your estimated compensation rate through our Workers Compensation Benefits Calculator, please visit or call (866) 735-2792 for a free consultation with one of the skilled Pennsylvania workers’ compensation lawyers at Anapol Weiss.

Medical transplants are extremely difficult procedures that patients expect doctors and other medical professionals to be adequately prepared to perform. According to a article, such caution was supposedly not taken in a transplant case involving a California man and his brother. Reportedly, the 45-year-old man and his 43-year-old brother claim that they were not informed of the complications and risks involved with live-donor liver transplants. The brothers now suffer from procedural complications as a result.

Medical professionals have an obligation to provide their patients with all available information regarding procedures and the potential risks involved so that they are as well informed as they possibly can be. In instances where professionals do not provide such information, or where they administer care that is not up to par, those medical professionals are exhibiting medical negligence and can be held liable for their actions in a court of law.
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According to a news report, a 47-year-old man from Loogootee, Indiana was recently injured while on the job in Daviess County. Reportedly, the man was working with others to release pressure on a gas line when the pipe being worked on hit the man in the upper arm. According to the article, the pipe’s threading gave way and, when combined with the pressurized gas, moved out of position, striking the man and resulting in a compound fracture of his left arm.

Thankfully, the man was stabilized and flown to Evansville hospital for further treatment. More details surrounding the incident were not made available; however, a more thorough investigation into the matter will undoubtedly take place. It is important for all work-related accidents and injuries, especially those involving pressurized gas, to be investigated in order to determine whether or not negligent action of some kind may have taken place.

If it is determined that negligence played a role in this man’s injury, he may be able to seek compensatory damages from the party deemed responsible for the incident. On the job injuries affect Pennsylvania residents much more often than they should. All instances of such injuries should be thoroughly examined by an experienced Central Pennsylvania injured at work attorney who will fight to ensure that the rights of the injured are not infringed upon in a court of law.
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We tend to take for granted that doctors and medical professionals can sometimes be wrong and make mistakes. After all, they are human just like we are. However, when protocol is ignored and an individual suffers as a result, the question is no longer why did a doctor not know something; but rather, why that doctor did not do something when they very well should have.

A story featured on discusses a case of medical misdiagnosis that resulted in loss of life. Reportedly, a 51-year-old Fayette County woman, after visiting Uniontown Hospital and complaining of chest pains, was discharged after examination, but then died of a myocardial infarction just five days later. Allegedly, the hospital released the woman with a diagnosis of non-cardiac pain, even though the hospital was made aware of family history which indicated that a heart condition may be likely. Now, the woman’s daughter is filing a wrongful death suit against the hospital, claiming that their negligent care played a determining factor in allowing the mother’s heart condition to claim her.
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The personal injury law firm of Anapol Weiss is happy to announce the launching of its nursing injury news website: In dedicating over 30 years to helping those injured while on-the-job and due to the negligence of others, Anapol Weiss is at the forefront of assisting injury victims receive full compensation for work-related injury, illness, assault and abuse. The debut of Anapol Weiss’s nursing injury website aims to provide updates on nursing injury news; serving as a valuable legal resource for nurses who have been hurt at no fault of their own while trying to do their job and help others.

The new nursing injury website hopes to help nurses better understand what qualifies as injury in the nursing profession and the possible legal avenues one may take to hold negligent employers accountable for their oversight or disregard. The website provides information about bed transfer injury, hazardous substance injury, equipment and appliance injuries, physical assault, physical exertion, slip and fall injuries, workers compensation, unsafe working conditions, MRSA infection, and much more.

Nursing injuries may occur at a hospital, medical facility, or at a private residence. Such injuries can take place for several different reasons, many of which circulate around unsafe working environments, improper training by staff members or employers, or various other types of negligence or reckless action on the part of a nurse’s employer. To learn more about nursing injury and what legal options may be available to you if you’ve suffered a nursing injury, please visit or call (866) 735-2792 for a free consultation with one of the skilled nursing injury attorneys at Anapol Weiss.

Chemical plant employers and managers have the responsibility of ensuring that employees who dedicate their lives working for them are protected from exposure to dangerous levels of chemicals, gases, and other toxic materials. Most of these components are harmless if handled in certain quantities, with specific protection, after receiving adequate training, and when following proper procedures.

A recent article discusses the death of a West Virginia chemical plant employee. After being exposed on January 23, 2010 to phosgene, a major industrial chemical that is poisonous at room temperature, the worker died the next day. As a result, the chemical plant has shut down while the federal Occupation Health and Safety Administration investigates a series of leaks, three of which were reported over the weekend and one of which went unnoticed for a full week. A plant spokesman said that the plant is reviewing operating procedures and that there is no immediate plan to start-up production.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, phosgene poisoning varies based on the amount of phosgene that a person is exposed to, the route of exposure, and the length of time in which an individual is exposed. Serious damage can be done to the eyes, nose, skin, throat, and lungs from phosgene gas and liquid exposure.
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Approximately 1.5 million Graco strollers, including specific model numbers of Passage, Alano and Spree Strollers and Travel Systems, have been recalled due to a significant fingertip amputation and laceration hazard. According to a report, the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) announced the stroller recall on January 20, 2010 due to the risk posed to children when the canopy of the designated strollers are opened or closed. Consumers are advised to stop using the strollers and contact Exton, PA-based Graco Children’s Products Inc. for a free repair kit.

The strollers were recalled after Graco received reports of five children having their fingertips severed, leaving them disfigured, and two children receiving cuts on their fingertips. Apparently the risk of these injuries is presented when a child places their fingers in the stroller’s canopy hinge as the canopy is being opened or closed. The strollers were sold nationwide between October 2004 and December 2009 at multiple stores including Target, Wall-Mart, Babies R Us, Sears, Toys R Us, Burlington Coat Factory, and many others.
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A 61-year-old man from Derry recently lost control of his vehicle in Westmoreland County. Reportedly, the man had just purchased a 1965 Pontiac GTO and was on his way home when the car suddenly failed to stop, came to rest on railroad tracks, and was then struck by a Norfolk Southern freight train. The operator of the train did attempt to apply the train’s brakes prior to striking the car, but was unable to stop in time. This incident marks the third fatality involving a train to have taken place in Derry since this past summer.

According to Pittsburgh’s ABC affiliate, WTAE-TV channel 4, the man was able to bail out of the vehicle prior to the collision, and was found about 40 yards from the scene of the accident. It was determined that the 61-year-old died at the scene from blunt force head trauma. Police are investigating the accident and trying to determine what exactly went wrong with the vehicle. In accidents where vehicle malfunction plays some sort of contributing factor, it is important to attribute any instance of negligent action to the appropriate party so that they can be held liable for their actions. Although the vehicle involved certainly wasn’t brand new, the man involved in the accident had purchased the vehicle the very day that the accident took place. Whether or not the seller of the car knew that there was something wrong with the vehicle is yet to be determined.
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