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Is a car with no airbags safer than a car with faulty airbags? Japanese automakers believe so, according to Huffington Post.

Following a massive airbag recall of millions of vehicles with potential airbag malfunction problems, auto makers in Japan advised they will turn off the airbags in the affected vehicles.

Drivers can bring the recalled vehicles back to the dealer and have the airbags “turned off” until the replacement part is ready. This action is meant as a temporary remedy to a defect that can cause some airbags to rupture in the event of a crash and shoot shrapnel at drivers and passengers.

According to an article published by Reuters on October 28, a revised class action lawsuit against Toyota regarding sudden acceleration problems in certain Toyota motor vehicles claims that Toyota secretly purchased vehicles with speed-control defects from consumers in the United States.

The lawsuit claims it was a part of a plan to conceal the unintended acceleration problems in certain Toyota vehicles from both the public as well as safety regulators. The new lawsuit is over 700 pages long, not including hundreds of additional pages of exhibits. It was filed on October 27 in the United States District Court in Santa Ana, California.

The revised lawsuit also asserts that the repurchasing transactions included confidentiality agreements that strictly prohibited consumers from suing the auto manufacturer in addition to forbidding them from revealing the problem to anyone else. However, the lawsuit does not contain any documentation of the supposed confidentiality agreements, but the attorney for the plaintiffs claims that consumers told him about them.

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