Chinese Drywall Policies Being Dropped by Insurers

According to recent news reports, many insurers have been dropping policies or sending notices of non-renewal based on the existence of toxic Chinese drywall in homes. This problem, although relatively small at the moment, is having a monumental impact on the lives of homeowners. Furthermore, this issue will only become widespread, and possibly grow out of control, as insurance companies continue to process the hundreds of claims currently in the works.

While families are being told that their insurance claim for defective drywall is denied, some are also being informed that their complete insurance policy will not be renewed due to the drywall that corrodes pipes and emits sulfuric fumes.

The insurer’s actions do not seem reasonable to many citizens. State and federal agencies have found that the defective materials in the affordable Chinese drywall emit “volatile sulfur compounds” and have remnants of strontium sulfide, which can create a rotten-egg odor, in addition to organic compounds not found in American-made drywall. Not only do the fumes destroy personal possessions such as jewelry and silverware, and damage parts of a home including pipes and air conditioners, but some reports of illness due to the wallboards have been made as well.

An article stated that the federal government is studying the problem and is taking into account some form of relief for homeowners. As skilled toxic drywall lawyers, we certainly hope that they do.

While investigations into the risks associated with the toxins discovered in Chinese drywall are still be conducted by the federal government and several state governments, many homeowners may want to consider consulting with a toxic drywall attorney to see if they qualify to file a claim. The experienced lawyers at Anapol Weiss understand the severity of your situation and the vulnerable position your family’s health and financial stability has been placed in due to exposure to drywall toxic substances. Contact Anapol Weiss today to learn more about how we can help protect your rights and assist you in receiving the full compensation you deserve.

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