Cities Ignore New Traffic Light Law

Some cities in the state of Georgia have failed to implement a new law which requires them to increase the yellow light by one second at stop lights equipped with red light cameras. Cities that have implemented the change have noticed an 80% decrease in violations according to an account.

Cities such as Duluth, Lilburn, Norcross, Snellville, and Suwanee have declared that they will be halting the red light cameras as they are no longer making money. On the other hand, the city of Atlanta insists that they do not want to do away with their 8 red light cameras and said that they actually saw an increase of violations. Not only have the number of violations increased for the city but so have the fines, in some cases more than double the amount than just a year ago.

Jack Murphy, State Senator (R-Cumming), sponsored the amendment that added the one second to the yellow light. He said, “If they’re not doing it, I’m going to find out why. Longer yellow was the intention of the bill. They set the yellow too low – especially for left turns.”

Why would cities fail to follow state law, putting drivers and essentially anyone on the road including people on motorcycles and pedestrians at increased risk? These stop light cameras can bring in significant cash revenue for cities that are finding it ever more difficult to balance their budgets. Cities also have a responsibility to make sure that our public rights are secured. If cities fail to comply with state law, they must be held responsible.

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