City Must Fix Public Rights Of Way for Public Safety

The city of Pittsburgh must face its growing number of landslides that are affecting its residents and public roadways, according to a report in the Landslides that go back as far as 2004 have gone unattended or barely worked on and those are the lucky residents. Many homes have been bought out by the city. A myriad of streets including Greenfield to Stanton Heights, Spring Hill to Oakland, and from Perry South to Arlington all have significant landslide problems. Home owners are encountering that either their backyards are sliding into other back yard homes or end of covering roads which lead to homes becoming inaccessible to other homeowners.

Many feel that the city of Pittsburgh most force homeowners to make the necessary changes but the city itself must assure safe public rights of way, especially if they expect homeowners to get private contractor up those steep and unsafe roads. Most contractors now are refusing to take on work in these areas in fear of liability lawsuits.

A homeowner had this to say about her house, “The kitchen gets water [from the hillside] when it rains, and the cabinet’s buckling. We’re like the sticks up here and never get any service, no snow removal, not even paving. The city has cited us to fix up our house but they don’t fix our road. We don’t want to put anything in this. It’s a buyout waiting to happen.”

Another resident said, “Somebody needs to take charge, do a cost-benefit analysis and, if the cost is greater than the value of our houses, relocate us. We don’t want anything for free. We just want some help.”

We can see that the situation on these streets is quite precarious. The city claims to be doing everything they can to solve this problem, so do the private contractors, but are they really?

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