Construction Worker Accused of Starting Massive Pennsylvania Apartment Fire

The website reported that a year after the Conshohocken fire, which left 400 people homeless, there has been little or no progress in court according to a lawyer for the former tenants. The lawsuit contends that a construction worker who was welding on an adjacent construction site accidently set off a blaze that torched 200 upscale units. The lawsuit claims that the developer and other parties were negligent, along with the owners of the building who did not have sufficient fire protection.

A Montgomery County judge has ordered the developer and the tenant’s lawyers to negotiate but the tenants’ lawyer stated that has been “fruitless.”

While the rules regarding the maintenance and safety at construction sites are strict, many sites are not as safe as they could be. The reality is that many construction site accidents can be prevented if the employer implemented smarter and enforceable safety practices. Insuring that all workers are properly trained in the operation of machinery and that the site is properly managed under OSHA and local standards can help increase construction site safety. No matter how stringent the safety standards are regarding construction, it remains one of the most dangerous of all occupations, with all construction laborers being at risk every day while on the job.

Employees that work with flammable materials, like welders, must also take special care to insure not only their own safety, but the safety of their surrounding crew members and the public at large. The lawsuit filed in this case undoubtedly argues that this duty of care was not followed by the construction company, leading directly to the blaze.

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