Personal Injury Law Firm Anapol Schwartz Announces New CT Scan Radiation Overdose Website

The Pennsylvania personal injury firm of Anapol Weiss is proud to announce its new website,

The new website is designed to help those who have suffered radiation overdose and other serious side effects after undergoing brain perfusion CT scans, which help physicians determine whether or not a patient has had a stroke or heart attack based on the amount of blood flowing to the brain. Reports of hair loss in the shape of a ring around the head are cause for concern as this is a sign of a CT scan radiation overdose. High amounts of radiation can lead to brain damage and an increased risk of cancer, among other serious health conditions. So far, over 400 cases of radiation overdoses have been reported in six hospitals in California, one in Alabama and one in Florida, with the potential for more cases nationwide.

Patients who have had this type of CT scan will find valuable information on the new website including CT scan radiation side effects, possible design defects of the GE Healthcare scanners that were used, improper training of hospital technicians who performed the scans, health problems associated with radiation overdose, pertinent news developments and CT scan radiation overdose litigation.

If you or a loved one has had a brain perfusion CT scan and have shown signs of possible radiation overdose, the skilled GE CT Scan lawyers at Anapol Weiss may be able to help. You deserve to understand your legal rights and seek compensation for your losses.

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