Dangerous Product Update: Ion Smoke Detectors

A recent article published in the Philadelphia Daily News details the dangerousness of Ion smoke detectors. Although they are supposed to be life-saving machines, these detectors, which are the cheapest and most commonly used, can often prove to be useless in home fires.

Ionization detectors are less sensitive to the smoke produced by smoldering fires. It has been estimated that they can take at least a half-hour or longer than their competitor – photoelectric detectors – to alert residents of smoke and fire. Ion detector’s affordable price (as low as $7) make them a popular choice in households across America. This despite the fact that they have been documented to not be nearly as effective as photoelectric alarms.

The article details the tragic story of Desiree Wylie. A fire that ravaged her Coatseville home went undetected by her ion smoke alarms. This despite the fact that she had 7 installed throughout her home, each with fresh batteries. The fire claimed the life of her son, 11 year old Brian Kelly Westmoreland Jr. and her two grandchildren, Tyrone and Tyzhier Hill who were 4 and 3 years old. The 3 boys died of smoke inhalation in the September 21st blaze, which was ruled accidental by investigators.

Dangerous and defective products in Pennsylvania don’t always result in loss of life, but they can result in serious injuries to family and loved ones. The arena of product liability litigation involves defective and unreasonably dangerous products that can kill or injure people. The Philadelphia personal injury attorneys at Anapol Weiss have extensive experience representing those injured by an unsafe product in Pennsylvania. Contact us today for a free consultation of your case.

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