Defective Honda Airbags Can Seriously Injure Drivers

Honda has recalled many models of its 2001 Civics and Accords for an airbag defect, which may cause serious injuries to vehicle occupants. According to this news report, a 26-year-old woman was nearly killed when metal fragments shot out of her Honda airbag during a car crash in April.

The metal shards from the airbag apparently cut two arteries in her neck and left her with a whole in her chest. What this woman, like many others in the country, found out was that the airbag that was supposed to protect her in the event of a car crash instead hurt and almost killed her.

Honda recalled these vehicles for a problem with a device that inflates the airbag on the driver’s side, which produces too much pressure. This in turn can cause the device to rupture, sending metal fragments through the airbag. These sharp metal pieces can injure or even kill a driver during an auto accident. Consumers expect that the vehicles they purchase are safe and won’t pose any direct harm caused by a defective auto part.

Unfortunately, thousands of unsuspecting Americans die every year because of defective autos and auto product defects. Consumers buy a certain model of cars because they trust that auto maker to manufacture safe and reliable vehicles.

If you have been seriously injured or if you have lost a family member as a result of a faulty airbag or any other defective automobile part, please contact the Pennsylvania crashworthiness attorneys at Anapol Weiss to find out how you can pursue your legal rights. Please do not wait long to file these claims. Each state has statute of limitations for filing these lawsuits. Call our skilled personal injury lawyers today to find out how we can help you file a claim in time to recover fair compensation for your injuries and loss.

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