Derry Man Dies After 65′ GTO Fails at Railroad Crossing

A 61-year-old man from Derry recently lost control of his vehicle in Westmoreland County. Reportedly, the man had just purchased a 1965 Pontiac GTO and was on his way home when the car suddenly failed to stop, came to rest on railroad tracks, and was then struck by a Norfolk Southern freight train. The operator of the train did attempt to apply the train’s brakes prior to striking the car, but was unable to stop in time. This incident marks the third fatality involving a train to have taken place in Derry since this past summer.

According to Pittsburgh’s ABC affiliate, WTAE-TV channel 4, the man was able to bail out of the vehicle prior to the collision, and was found about 40 yards from the scene of the accident. It was determined that the 61-year-old died at the scene from blunt force head trauma. Police are investigating the accident and trying to determine what exactly went wrong with the vehicle. In accidents where vehicle malfunction plays some sort of contributing factor, it is important to attribute any instance of negligent action to the appropriate party so that they can be held liable for their actions. Although the vehicle involved certainly wasn’t brand new, the man involved in the accident had purchased the vehicle the very day that the accident took place. Whether or not the seller of the car knew that there was something wrong with the vehicle is yet to be determined.

Auto accidents can take place for any number of reasons. Auto manufactures and car sellers have an obligation to disclose information to individuals whom they do business with. In the event that an auto part fails and causes an accident of some kind to take place, the manufacturer responsible for creating the car part can be held liable for damages that occur as the result of the faulty part. Auto product liability is an issue that affects a large number of Pennsylvania residents each year, and the assistance of an experienced products liability attorney is strongly suggested to help examine the circumstances of accidents that result from such negligent action.

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