Distracted Driving Targeted Part of Heightened Police Enforcement On PA Highways

The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT) has elevated their enforcement efforts as a result of almost $2.1 million in state funds dedicated to helping police combat “aggressive driving behaviors.” Those behaviors are listed as speeding, running red lights, tailgating, and now distracted driving. Across the state, roughly 320 municipal departments as well as state police will engage in the initiative from July 11 through August 28.

Woman_Distracted_Driving.jpgDistracted driving is highlighted focus in the plan, with the motif being “Distracted Drivers are Aggressive Drivers,” and are said to be frequently cited by police for other driving offenses like tailgating and speeding. Cops are especially directing efforts on highways and roads consistently noted for a large amount of accidents involving distracted driving.

The National Safety Council credits more than 1.3 million crashes per year due to distracted driving. It takes many forms, but it’s usually separated into three main categories: 1) Visual (when a driver takes his/ her eyes away from the road), 2) Manual (when a driver removes his/ her hands from the steering wheel), and 3) Mental (when a driver allows his/ her mind to drift away from the task of driving).

Specific activities that regularly take drivers’ attention away from the road include: using a cellular phone, consuming food or drink, conversing with passengers, combing hair or primping activities, reading anything, using a PDA, operating a navigational GPS unit, interacting with pets, watching video or other content on a hand-held device or dashboard monitor, and switching the radio, CD, or mp3 track, among others. Daydreaming, dealing with intense feelings, or dwelling on personal problems can also prove fatally distracting. But text messaging is widely considered to top the list of “most treacherous distracted driving activities,” as it exercises all three modes of distraction (visual, manual, and mental).

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