Energy Efficient Traffic Lights Prone to Frost Buildup, Pose Danger to Motorists

Energy conservation is becoming more and more commonplace amongst not only private citizens, but businesses and other entities who are seeking to be more eco-friendly. However, not all ideas are as effective as they are in theory when put into action. According to an article, energy-efficient traffic lights are doing more than just cutting down on energy usage. They’re also cutting down on how safe motorists are while traversing city streets equipped with the LED-powered lights.

Reportedly, the traffic lights outfitted with the energy-efficient light bulbs are not creating enough heat during their usage, which makes traveling in freezing temperatures rather difficult. The reason for this is that frost can now easily build up over the traffic light lens, making it impossible for a motorist to be completely sure as to which traffic law must be obeyed. The issue has already led to dozens of traffic accidents, one of which included a motorist fatality. While governing authorities cite monetary savings as a significant factor in installing the efficient bulbs, opponents of the move can cite several cases where individuals were involved in car accidents as a result of the low heat-producing light bulbs that contributed towards the obstruction of a traffic signal.

Municipalities have a responsibility to provide and maintain safe road conditions for city residents and visitors alike. In the event that a governing body fails to provide such conditions, then that government entity may be held liable for damages resulting from said instance of improperly maintained conditions. Ultimately, if a city fails to provide safe conditions and does not address and correct known problems in a timely manner, then the city is exercising negligent behavior that needs to be addressed in a court of law.

Pennsylvania auto accidents can be devastating. Regardless of the scope of the accident, the circumstances under which the accident took place need to be carefully examined to identify what type of negligent action contributed towards causing the accident in the first place. Unfortunately, dangerous road conditions affect a large number of Pennsylvania motorists each year.

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