Failure to Prevent Birth Injuries

When a birth injury occurs, neither the child nor the mother is to blame. However, they are the ones left to deal with the aftermath when this type of medical mistake occurs.

Birth injuries can occur when the delivery staff applies too much force on the babies head or shoulder during delivery. Doctors may apply excessive force when the baby is having difficulty passing through the birth canal. While this may be a common scenario, it is also very preventable.

Doctors should analyze risk factors including diabetes, history of difficult deliveries, and the baby’s size and position to help prevent birth injuries.

Sometimes when the risk for birth injuries is high, a cesarean section (c-section) may be necessary. Failure to perform a C-section and avoid possible birth injuries can be grounds for medical malpractice case.

Welcoming a new baby into the world should be an exciting time for a new mother. She should not have to worry about the physical and financial burden of treating a child with birth injuries caused by hospital mistakes.

Parents with children treating for birth injuries are urged to contact a birth injury lawyer to find out if their child is eligible for compensation for medical treatment. The Philadelphia medical malpractice lawyers are available to answer your questions.

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