FDA Orders Asthma and Allergy Medication Warning Labels

In a country in which more than 22 million Americans (7.7% of the country’s population) suffer from asthma, and 10-30 percent of adults and 40 percent of children suffer from allergic rhinitis, it is no surprise that asthma and allergy medications are widely used by children and adults alike. It would seem inconceivable that these same medications we are prescribed by doctors can cause “neuropsychiatric events” to those who consume them. Ky3.com reported in a story on June 22, 2009 that this is the unfortunate conclusion of an investigation by the Food and Drug Administration. The study has prompted the agency to issue an order to the makers of Singulair and other leukotrienes, a popular asthma and allergy medication, to place warning labels on their medications which would inform consumers of potential dangerous side effects.

A mother of a boy was shocked to find out that it was her son’s asthma medication that was causing his erratic behavior. She said, “He started hitting me and kicking and screaming at me, to the point where I had to lock myself in the bathroom.” She later found out that hundreds of other parents had experienced similar occurrences. One report from another mother said, “He said, ‘I’m just going to kill myself so I don’t have to see you anymore.’ ” The boy’s condition was remarkably better after he stopped taking Singulair.

According to the FDA’s report into the mood and behavioral changes associated with Singulair, Accolate, Zyflo and Zyflo Cr, cases were reported of agitation, aggression, anxiousness, dream abnormalities and hallucinations, depression, insomnia, irritability, restlessness, suicidal thinking and behavior (including suicide), and tremor.

As consumers of these medical drugs, we put our health and well-being in the hands of the pharmaceutical industry. We must be told of all the potential side effects and the pharmaceutical companies must be held accountable if they fail to fully disclose all that they know regarding over-the-counter medications. Instances in which the drug manufacturers are not aware of their product’s harmful side effects can be even more alarming. We rely on the structured, mandated clinical trial procedure to bring unsafe drugs to light.

If you or someone you know is diagnosed with asthma or allergic rhinitis and you have used one of the medications mentioned in this article, it is important for you to consult your physician if you have experienced any abnormal reactions. Pharmaceutical companies can be held liable for damages that their defective drugs cause and the skilled Pennsylvania pharmaceutical attorneys at Anapol Weiss are recognized countrywide for successfully winning pharmaceutical claims. Time and time again they have proven they can successfully take on the colossal pharmaceutical companies with positive results. Their experience and knowledge can help you. Please call 1-866-735-2792 for a free consultation.

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