Former Players Sue NFL For Concussion Negligence

In the first prospective class action lawsuit of its type, which may eventually include any NFL player who has ever suffered head trauma while playing in the league, seven previous professional football players have sued the NFL due to alleged negligence toward concussions and concussion-related injuries.

According to the Associated Press, in the lawsuit filed on August 17, the plaintiffs are charging the league with instructing players to hit using their heads, neglecting to adequately address the resulting injuries, and masking the potential links for decades between contact football and brain trauma.

Among the former players suing is two-time Super Bowl winner Jim McMahon, who claims he played through five concussions and now suffers from long term cognitive health problems as a result. The other previous players named in this claim are: Wayne Radloff, Charles Ray Easterling, Joseph Thomas, Steve Kiner, Gerald Feehery, and Michael Furrey. The lawsuit calls for increased medical observation as well as monetary compensation for the care of injured athletes.

“We have to ultimately determine how many people are in the (legal) classes,” players’ lawyer Larry Coben of Philadelphia firm Anapol Weiss told the AP. “How many people from the ’70s are experiencing this, how many people from the ’80s, from the ’90s? And then, what are the losses?”

While the NFL lawsuit is a high profile example of sports safety liability and large scale injury negligence, head injuries are a problem for contact football players of all levels, as well as those involved in other sports. If you or a loved one has suffered a head or brain injury that is sports-related, call the Pennsylvania sports injury accident lawyers at Anapol Weiss at 1-866-735-2792 for a complimentary review of your claim.

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