Former World Series Star Settles Civil Wrongful Death Lawsuit

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Former major league player Jim Leyritz has finally resolved half the legal battle that he’s facing as his settlement for the wrongful death lawsuit filed against him by the family of Fredia Ann Veitch has been approved. In December 2007, Leyritz crashed onto Veitch’s vehicle in Fort Lauderdale in Florida. Reports show that Leyritz was driving under the influence of alcohol.
Veitch’s family will receive $250,000 which will be paid by Leyritz’s insurance. On top of that, the former World Series star will pay the family $1,000 monthly for 100 months as documents revealed that Leyritz’s only source of income is his major league pension. His monthly payments to the family will begin next April.

Leyritz’s attorney continues to stress that the settlement was in no way an admission of guilt. He further stated that his client is innocent. Later this year, Leyritz will face a criminal trial for DUI manslaughter.

Wrongful death is a claim against a person responsible for the death of another individual. Negligence, manslaughter, intentional attack, failure to act and murder are common examples of wrongful death acts. Under the “common law”, wrongful death claims did not exist before as lawmakers rationalized that it was impossible to compensate a dead person. However, over the years, states have passed laws that allowed survivors of a victim to seek compensation for damages caused by the death of their loved one. These laws were also intended to encourage citizens to act responsibly and carefully.

A person who has been tried criminally for a person’s death can still be sued civilly just in like Jim Leyritz’s case. Here are some guidelines that will help you determine whether or not you have a valid wrongful death claim: the death was entirely or partly caused by the wrongful act of the defendant; defendant was liable for the victim’s death; and, monetary damages were incurred due to the death of the victim. If your spouse, child or family member was the victim of a wrongful death act, immediately contact a wrongful death attorney in your local area to discuss your legal options.

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