Hotel Guests at Risk for Deadly Disease

At least one person was infected by the potentially deadly Legionella bacteria at the Comfort Suites hotel in Grantville PA. The Pennsylvania Department of Health and the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection has been investigating the hotel since the first report of Legionnaires’ disease last month.

The Department of Health is confident that they have notified all recent guests of the hotel who may acquire Legionnaires’ disease, also known as Legionellosis. As source explained that “… there is no reason to believe there is a general risk to the community.” In accordance with Pennsylvania law, state officials have been working to isolate the source of the contamination and to notify all those who may have been infected.

Establishments such as hospitality businesses and medical facilities sometimes fail to properly clean and manage their large scale water systems. Legionella bacteria can then contaminate water sources such as faucets and showers, and people inhale the bacteria to acquire Legionnaires’ disease. Past outbreaks of the disease have had fatality rates of 30 percent. In some cases, death rates can reach 50 percent when the disease is left untreated.

Legionnaires’ disease symptoms commonly include fever, headache and a cough. More severe symptoms such as loss of coordination and vomiting have also been reported. Those who are experiencing these symptoms after staying at the Comfort Suites in Grantville are urged to seek immediate medical care.

Legionella contamination is preventable by hotel establishments, and it’s unfair that their guests have to suffer illnesses because of management’s negligence. Speak with our attorneys today if you’re dealing with Legionnaires’ disease after your stay at the Grantville Comfort Suites.

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