How to be a Responsible Dog Owner in Pennsylvania

There are many dog ownership laws in Pennsylvania. It is important for all dog owners to understand that Pennsylvania has strict liability for all damages involving dogs with a history of vicious behavior and in cases where a victim is severely injured. This means that if your dog causes serious injuries or has previously attacked someone, there is a good chance that you will be held liable for the resulting medical expenses and other damages suffered in the attack.

Pennsylvania defines serious injuries as broken bones or lacerations that require sutures or surgery. If your dog only causes minor injuries and has never attacked someone before, you may still be held liable for the medical expenses under Section 502 subdivision (b).

There are steps that a Pennsylvania dog owner can take to lessen the chances of being held liable for a dog attack. First, limit the amount of time you keep your dog outside. Secondly, when you walk your dog, always use a short leash. You never know what may upset or startle your dog. Finally, give your dog plenty of time and affection. Dogs that are neglected for long periods of time tend to acquire emotional issues.

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