Hulk Hogan and Wife Facing Lawsuit Alleging they Encouraged Son to Race

A lawsuit alleges that the famous former Wrestler Hulk Hogan, his wife, and their son are culpable in the tragic car accident that left a friend of the Hogan son and Iraq veteran with a serious brain injury, the celebrity news website reported. The 23-year-old friend was a passenger in Hogan’s son Toyota Supra that had been altered for racing. They were racing another friend who was driving a Dodge Viper that is also owned by Hulk Hogan. The race ended with the Supra crashing into a palm tree.

The lawsuit also alleges that the Hogan parents are responsible for their son driving “reckless and negligent” and that “they not only encouraged it, but they did not take appropriate action to stop it and to protect the safety of the public.”

Hogan’s son has had a history of speed driving since he acquired his license in 2005, including twice being pulled over for driving in excess of 100 miles per hour in 2006, and three separate speeding tickets in 2007. The lawsuit claims that Hogan’s son was a drift racer akin to the Movie The Fast and Furious: Tokyo Drift.

Most implicating is the accusation that Mrs. Hogan was heard saying, “Oh, I love it. I love it. The rush, the speed on the road, stereo-blasting, heat-pounding, racing in between all the cars, dodging the cops. It’s awesome.”

In addition, the lawsuit claims that Mr. Hogan, the co-owner of the car, purchased the alcohol that was consumed on the day of the accident and furthermore Mr. Hogan was aware or should have been aware that his son had customized his car, in effect making it “exceedingly dangerous instrumentality for his son.”

Hogan’s friend suffered serious head injuries and is not capable of breathing or speaking. He was released two years after the crash and will be bedridden for the rest of his life. A court ruled him incapacitated four months after the crash.

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