Is Fosamax Bad for Women?

If you ask the drug makers if Fosamax is bad for women, you will probably get a different answer than if you ask the women who have suffered serious side effects and injury consequences from taking Fosamax.

No prescription or over-the-counter drug is foolproof as far as side effects. But when thousands of women start talking to lawyers and start filing lawsuits, then you have to question whether or not Fosamax is bad for women.

Let’s consider the reasons why women are filing Fosamax lawsuits:

  • Esophagus cancer: Merck & Co., the makers of Fosamax have responded defensively saying the risks are minimal as compared to the benefits. Tell that to the women and the families of women who have suffered or died from the complications of esophagus cancer.
  • Jawbone death: While Fosamax is touted as building bone mass, it’s causing long-term prescription drug takers to develop eroding jawbones. Imagine going to the dentist for oral surgery only to develop an infection because your jawbone is not healing.
  • Thigh bone fractures: Though rare, women who have been taking Fosamax for 3 to 5 or more years are suffering thigh bone or femur fractures. Their bones have become brittle from long-term use and could hear their bones crack before hitting the ground.

Could Fosamax be another hormone replacement therapy debacle? Remember HRT was given to post-menopausal women. It was as expected as motherhood and apple pie to be prescribed HRT. Finally the FDA announced that HRT was found to cause breast cancer and heart attacks.

How much risk should women have? Is Fosamax bad for women?

If you have been harmed from Fosamax, please contact Anapol Weiss law firm to find out what legal action you can take. You may be eligible for a Fosamax injury lawsuit.

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