Is Jack3d Illegal for Military Use?

While the United States Army doesn’t make its own laws, it does have the authority to regulate much of what happens on Army bases. Until recently, DMAA containing supplements such as Jack3d were sold at stores on Army bases. However, after two recent deaths of Army soldiers who had DMAA in their systems, the sale of Jack3d and similar supplements has been halted on Army bases and the Army has ordered Jack3d pulled from shelves on base .
The U.S. Army is currently conducting a safety review at the completion of which it plans to announce whether Jack3d, OxyElite Pro and other similar supplements will once again be allowed to be sold on Army bases. For now, the supplements are still available to consumers in the United States at stores located off of Army bases.

For those still wondering is Jack3d illegal for military use the answer is that “illegal” may be the wrong term, but the Army is concerned about the safety of the supplement and is urging soldiers to be wary of DMAA supplements until a full safety review has been completed.

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