Joel Feldman, Esq. Addresses Death Notification Techniques at PA Seminar

A recent PA Law Blogs post discusses a June 15, 2010 Death Notification Seminar in Conshohocken, PA in which personal injury trial attorney and managing partner of Anapol Weiss, Joel Feldman, Esq., addressed helpful techniques for delivering news of a person’s death with compassion for the bereaved and with concern for the messenger in mind.

Informing family members about a sudden fatal accident that has taken the life of a beloved family member is not something that should be taken lightly. The way in which an individual is informed about a loved one’s death can greatly affect that individual in terms of coping with the loss. The seminar and its speakers, including Joel Feldman, Esq., hoped to offer guests a strong and broad understanding of what the needs are of someone who has recently lost a loved one in a tragic accident. Some of the issues addressed in the seminar related to:

  • Coping Strategies
  • Grief vs. Mourning
  • Survivor Reactions Following Sudden Death
  • Factors Which Influence Survivors’ Stress
  • Who should notify

To read more about the seminar, please refer to the full blog post on PA Law Blogs.

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