Jury Awards Botched-Epidural Victim $32 Million

A Florida jury recently awarded a medical malpractice victim $32 million after an improperly placed epidural cost her the use of her right hand and the ability to walk.

The victim received the epidural in 2000 in the hopes that it would help alleviate the chronic pain she had suffered ever since an earlier car accident. Instead, the anesthesiologist inserted the epidural improperly, injecting a steroid and an anesthetic directly into the woman’s spinal column. According to The Pittsburgh Channel, the medications caused significant damage to the nerves in the spinal column, leaving the victim without the use of her right hand and with significant difficulty walking.

Unfortunately, the victim faces difficulties in collecting her judgment; the doctor has filed for bankruptcy, listing the victim among his creditors. Also, although the doctor had medical malpractice insurance, his insurer is refusing to pay this particular claim. The doctor’s attorney only stated that they will have to prove in a separate case that insurance coverage exists. Until the dispute is settled, the victim in this case may have to wait for any substantial payments.

The doctor was not present during the trial, as he was serving time in a federal corrections institution for a drug conviction.

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