Keeping Kids Safe Behind the Wheel

Classes are back in full swing, which means there are droves of teen drivers out on the roads commuting to and from school, sports practices, and many other extracurricular activities. But many of them are inexperienced drivers, which often leads to mistakes behind the wheel that can quickly become tragic. Whose job is it to educate and train these youngsters to know the safe rules of the road? The responsibility almost always falls on parents, according to AOL Auto Blog.

According to research done at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP), parents who establish rules, describe to kids the importance of rules, and then honor consequences when rules are broken, possess the most power over their children’s well being.

Some of the most effective and important guidelines that parents can put into place for their high school drivers mirror some of the related state legislature across the nation. These rules may include some of the following staples:

  • Limiting how many passengers are allowed in a teen’s car: This reduces the potential for distraction.
  • Enforcing household curfews: Many teen accidents occur after dark.
  • Training kids to use seat belts: Start them as soon as they are old enough to wear one so it becomes second nature.
  • Enforcing strict household penalties for speeding: If your teen is caught speeding (by the police or you), the punishment should go much further than a police issued ticket. Household punishment such as grounding or the loss of other valued privileges can deliver an even stronger and more lasting message.

According to statistics, teens are among the most likely drivers to be involved in accidents. If you or a loved one has been injured in a car accident that you believe was the fault of another driver’s negligence, call 1-866-735-2792 to speak to a Wilkes Barre PA car accident lawyer with Anapol Weiss.

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