Lumber Truck Deaths Caused by Shifting Loads, Break Failures, and Driver Error

Transporting lumber is essential for the lumber and construction industries and for the employees and customers who depend on those industries. However, the transportation of lumber via lumber trucks can be dangerous and precautions should be taken by trucking companies and drivers to prevent lumber truck fatalities.

3 Causes of Lumber Truck Fatalities

There are many potential causes of lumber truck fatalities just as there are many potential causes of deaths in the broader trucking industry. However, motorists who share the road with lumber trucks should be aware of:

  • Lumber truck deaths caused by shifting loads. A shifting load may cause the lumber truck to become unbalanced and more likely to roll over causing potential danger both for the driver and the vehicles around the truck.
  • Lumber truck deaths caused by break failures. Brake failures may prevent the lumber truck driver from stopping safely and avoiding a collision.
  • Lumber truck deaths caused by tired or distracted drivers. Lumber trucks may take longer to stop than passenger cars. A fatigued or distracted driver may lose critical seconds in stopping a vehicle and avoiding a fatal crash.

Why It is Important to Know the Cause of Lumber Truck Fatalities

It is important to know common causes of lumber truck crashes before an accident so that potential injuries and deaths can be prevented. After an accident, it is important to understand the cause of your accident because it might be relevant to your recovery. An experienced lumber truck accident lawyer can help you determine the cause of your crash and fight for the recovery you deserve.

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