Manufacturers Recall Anti-Nausea Drug Ondansetron

Three pharmaceutical companies have issued a voluntary nationwide drug recall of liquid preparations of Ondansetron, an anti-nausea medication. The recall covers batches of Ondansetron manufactured between August 2009 and May 2010. The only affected batches are those in flexible plastic containers designed to be administered by IV, which are typically sold to hospitals.

West-Ward Pharmaceuticals, Pfizer, and Sagent Pharmaceuticals all recalled batches of Ondansetron prepared by Claris LifeSciences, Inc. after it was discovered that the batches were not sterile because they had not been prepared properly. Although none of the three companies have received any complaints or reports of patients suffering adverse effects from the non-sterile preparations, all three issued a recall due to the danger a non-sterile medication poses, especially to patients with damaged immune systems.

Ondansetron is frequently given to cancer patients and patients recovering from surgery to help control nausea and vomiting. It is also known by its original brand name, Zofran.

West-Ward Pharmaceuticals and Pfizer have also issued voluntary recalls of IV preparations of the antibiotics Metronidazole and Ciprofloxacin for similar sterility problems. These medications were also prepared by Claris LifeSciences, Inc. and batches of each have shown the same lack of sterile solutions as the recalled batches of Ondansetron.

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