Massive Gas Explosion Accident in Allentown Kills Three, Two Missing

MSNBC reports a natural gas explosion accident occurred around 10:45 p.m. on Wednesday, February 9, in Allentown, PA. At least three people were killed in the blast, including a 4-month-old child, and two others are missing.

According to the Allentown fire department, a two-story row house exploded, causing the house and another to be leveled. UGI Corp. stated early Thursday that it is likely one of its natural-gas pipelines exploded, which prompted the accident and the blaze. The explosion was so powerful it was felt in Bethlehem, PA, about nine miles away from Allentown.

Two row homes were set on fire, as were six others. Witnesses to the accident state the flames were hundreds of feet in the air, and it took firefighters several hours to put the fire out. Firefighters were delayed by the complexity of digging through the snow and ice to access the ruptured gas line underground, which was fueling the flames. Between 500 and 600 residents of the area were evacuated.

Authorities will investigate the Pennsylvania gas explosion accident to determine what caused the natural-gas pipelines to explode. Often, explosion accidents such as this one are discovered to have been caused by gas mains that were not properly installed or maintained. There are many rules and regulations regarding the maintenance of gas lines. Gas companies should check gas pipelines regularly for any indications of problems, such as corrosion, so prompt repair can be conducted. If these safety precautions are disregarded, an explosion accident can occur, which can be catastrophic or even fatal. When a gas company disregards the safety of their workers and area residents by failing to follow the proper rules, they can be held legally responsible for any injuries or fatalities that result from a gas explosion accident.

Gas explosion accident victims typically suffer serious burn injuries, which can be very painful and require ongoing medical treatment, such as skin graft surgery. A Pennsylvania gas explosion burn injury lawyer can help injured victims understand their legal options as well as help them pursue compensation for their injuries from negligent parties. To schedule a free consultation with attorney from Anapol Weiss, call 866-735-2792 today.

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