Medical Malpractice Trial Seeks Answers for Cancer Patient

The Philadelphia Inquirer recently reported that a medical malpractice trial has begun in the case of a mother of five whose untimely death from breast cancer may have been caused by the hospital’s delay in sending her ultrasound results to her primary care physician. The results did not reach the woman’s primary care physician for over a year.

Key questions for the jury include whether the patient might have lived if she had been diagnosed a year earlier and who was responsible for the delay in passing her test results to her family doctor. The hospital claims that the test results were mistakenly faxed to the wrong number but that, in any case, the hospital is not responsible for the patient’s death.

Patients who seek medical care expect that their doctors and hospital personnel will be diligent in reporting their test results, particularly when those results suggest that follow-up care is required. When medical professionals fail in their duty to communicate information about a patient, thus resulting in the patient failing to receive appropriate care, those medical professionals may be held liable for medical malpractice.

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