New Law Targets Concussions in PA High School Sports

football_4260212.jpgWhile fractures, broken bones, and other more tangible sidelining injuries have often received the most attention by organized sports officials, concussions have always posed an insidious yet serious danger. Due to a recent increase in concussion awareness, including a very high profile class action lawsuit in which former National Football League players are suing the league for turning a blind eye toward the problem, this important issue is getting more and more focus. A new Pennsylvania bill joins the growing initiative by implementing new safety measures to battle traumatic brain injuries in young athletes.

The suggested law, the Safety in Youth Sports Act, provides additional rules for educating parents, training athletic coaches, and sets protocol regarding when an athlete is permitted to return to the field or court following a potential concussion.

Specifically, the bill mandates:

  • Student athletes, as well as parents, will be educated on the subject prior to participation in any sports teams or events.
  • Coaches will be required to complete a yearly course on the prevention and treatment of concussions and brain injuries.
  • Coaches will be required to remove any player suspected of, or showing signs of, a concussion during gameplay, and that player may not return to activity until provided written clearance by a doctor or certified medical professional.

Many Pennsylvania schools already have similar systems and guidelines in place, according to Penn Live, so the new law will affect the approximate 20 percent of those that do not employ certified trainers or other related resources for sporting events. Concussions are a serious threat to athletes of all ages and performance levels and can occur in most any sport. If your child has suffered concussion injuries during participation in organized sports, contact a Philadelphia sports injury lawyer with Anapol Weiss at 1-866-735-2792.

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