New Study Finds Mesothelioma Cases Likely Underreported Worldwide

According to a recent article in the Occupational Health & Safety Magazine, a new study has found that for every four to five reported mesothelioma cases worldwide, at least one case goes unreported. This means that thousands more could be affected by this deadly disease than originally believed. It is the first study to give a global estimation of unreported cases of mesothelioma based upon data from countries that collect data regarding mesothelioma and asbestos use. Malignant mesothelioma is almost exclusively caused by asbestos exposure.

The study analyzed data that evaluated the relationship between country-level asbestos use from 1920 to 1970 and mesothelioma fatalities reported between 1994 and 2008. In 89 countries (which accounted for over 82 percent of the world’s population in 2000), cumulative asbestos use totaled over 65 million metric tons between 1920 and 1970. The United States, United Kingdom, Russia, Japan, and Germany reported the highest numbers of asbestos use. For the 56 countries that reported mesothelioma data, there were about 174,300 mesothelioma-related fatalities between 1994 and 2008.

Typically, mesothelioma develops about 20 to 50 years after asbestos exposure. Consequently, a country’s cumulative asbestos use in prior decades was discovered to clearly forecast the number of recent mesothelioma-related fatalities in countries that reported mortality data. When the authors of the study extrapolated this discovery to the 33 countries that did not report data regarding mesothelioma-related deaths, they estimated that at least 38,900 additional cases of mesothelioma could have occurred in these countries during the same 15-year time period.

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