NFL Touchdowns, Brain Injury Penalties

Who knew the quest to make touchdowns for a living was so fraught with the potential for brain traumas?

In June 2012, lawsuits representing more than 2,100 National Football League players were filed, claiming the NFL concealed information linking football-related head injuries to permanent brain damage.

According to pending lawsuits, “We believe that the long-term medical complications that have been associated with multiple concussions – such as memory loss, impulse anger-control problems, disorientation, dementia – were well documented, and that factually the NFL knew or should have known of these potentially devastating neurological problems, and yet it didn’t take any active role in addressing the issue for players,” said Anapol Weiss Attorney Larry Coben, who was quoted in the New York Times article.

Long-term medical complications associated with multiple concussions include disorientation, depression, memory loss, anger-control problems, and dementia. A 2009 study determined that Alzheimer’s disease and similar memory impairments may affect former NFL players at a rate of 19 times more than the normal rate for men ages 30 through 49.

Another problem looms between the NFL and their insurance companies on both coasts as to which entity will pay to defend the NFL against former players’ head injury lawsuits.

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