NHTSA Investigating EMI as Possible Cause of Toyota Acceleration Issues

Electromagnetic interference (EMI) is being taken into consideration by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) as a possible cause for the influx of acceleration-related vehicle issues plaguing Toyota Motor Corporation and its vehicles. The issue was recently highlighted in a usatoday.com article that discussed the problems associated with EMI and how auto manufacturers have known about these issues for quite some time. While faulty floor mats and gas pedal malfunction have been the more closely examined causes of unintended acceleration in Toyota vehicles, EMI could end up being cited as a contributing factor in at least some crashes which, at this point, have not been assigned a definite cause.

The theory of EMI explains that electronic devices emit a certain amount of electronic radiation, and it may be possible for that radiation to interfere with electronic control systems that all modern day cars now rely on. In regard to the unintentional acceleration issue, it is being examined whether or not the electronic throttle systems in Toyota vehicles are experiencing interference which is causing them to malfunction. However, regardless of whether or not this issue or another is found to be the cause of motorist accidents involving Toyota vehicles, it is safe to say that negligent action of some kind may be greatly contributing towards the numerous auto vehicle recalls that seem to be taking place on a weekly basis.

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Source Article: http://www.usatoday.com/tech/news/2010-02-23-Electromagnetic23_CV_N.htm

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