Northeastern Pennsylvania Evacuated after Chemical Truck Overturns

The website reported in a story on March 22, 2009 that in Wind Gap Pennsylvania a big rig transporting hazardous chemicals overturned causing the authorities to order an evacuation of the potentially affected area. Raymond LeBlanc, 54 of Ontario told investigators that he swerved in an attempt to not hit a deer, which he avoided, but the end result was the overturned truck.

The truck accident in Pennsylvania happened while the truck was going downhill and going through a modest curve on Route 33. LeBlanc and his co-driver were treated for minor injuries.

State police stated the chemical truck was on its way to Philadelphia from Ontario and that its load consisted of 33,000 pounds of corrosive hydrofluoric acid used for home detergents.

Robert Mahady, Captain stated that no material had spilled from the self-contained tank, although a little did manage to drip from a vent, evaporating into the air.

Mahady said, “There was no actual spill; it was a leak within the valve, and it never made it to the ground.”

Investigators samples from the drip showed that no measurements of more than 2 parts per million were recorded. Mahady said, “And a person can actually work unprotected in 3 ppm.”

To be safe, authorities ordered the evacuation of 944 homes, approximately 5,000 for nine hours. The local high school served as an evacuation center and about 200 people went there.

Lack of proper road signals or un-kept roads can contribute to accidents like this one. While there is no evidence of that in this particular instance, it is an overlooked possibility for many serious auto accidents in Pennsylvania. State and government officials have to maintain all roads in safe and working conditions.

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