100-Year-Old Woman Found Dead in Nursing Home

Dartmouth investigators are examining the death of a 100-year-old woman who was living out the rest of her years in a nursing home. Now the victim’s son is alleging that they had notified the nursing home staff that his mother had been threatened by her roommate who is in her late 90’s and requested that they be separated. The centenarian was found in her bed with a plastic bag tied around her head.

According to the son, his mother told him that her roommate had said, “I’m going to have that bed next to the window.” His mother responded, “Why do you think that?” The roommate then responded, “Because I’m going to outlive you.” After the son asked that they separate them, he was told by the nursing home staff that they were getting along fine.

Chief of operations at the nursing home stated that the roommates were offered a room change twice during the summer, but they both refused. The son said his mother did not want to leave the nursing home because it was where she had lived with her husband for many years prior to his death in 2007. The son also said that as the roommate was being wheeled away she told him, “You’re going to blame me for this … but you’re wrong.” Police have questioned several employees but have yet to name any suspects.

Who is really to blame here? Did a staff member take advantage of the roommate tension to commit a heinous crime knowing that the roommate would be suspect number 1? Sadly these are some of the realities we face when we have to leave a family member at a nursing home. There will always be some patients so disgruntled that they commit harm to others under the belief that because of their late age the law will not prosecute. In many cases, an angry or unhappy nursing home worker may take out his or her aggression on the elderly and weak.

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Source report: http://www.ktla.com/news/landing/ktla-elderly-murder,0,4660147.story

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