PA Official Testifies in Carlisle Courtroom that He Was Not Drunk Driving

A jury in Carlisle Pennsylvania listened attentively to the testimony of Pennsylvania’s deputy secretary of the state Labor Department, who is accused of driving drunk and crashing his state issued vehicle with a parked car. The report stated that the 50-year-old secretary testified that he was completely sober and had absolutely nothing to drink prior to him running into a parked car at approximately 3 a.m. He did admit to having some drinks shortly afterwards, specifically three or four beers and two whiskey drinks. Cumberland County prosecutor strongly contended the deputy secretary’s testimony pointing out that his blood alcohol level was higher than twice the limit four hours after the crash.

Fortunately no one was injured in this car crash, but it does raise eyebrows in regards to the justice system. In this country, everyone has a right to a trial, but we hope that no one is given any special favors. In this case, it appears that the deputy secretary was completely intoxicated when he crashed and is now trying to save himself going as far as to lie under oath in the courtroom. The owner of the vehicle should be able to receive full compensation from the deputy secretary.

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