Patients Over Exposed to CT Scan Radiation, Serious Side Effects

The CT scan has been used as a method of detecting strokes in patients for many years. However, according to a recent New York Times article, the level of radiation used in some of the CT scan machines may be too high, causing potentially serious side effects in patients.

So far, eight hospitals have found that the amount of radiation that some patients received was far too high, causing these patients to lose their hair in a distinctive ring pattern around the diameter of the head. In addition to hair loss, patients may potentially face confusion, loss of memory, brain damage and an increased risk of cancer. Of the eight hospitals, six were in California with the other two located in Huntsville, AL and Florida. At the time this article was written, the number of patients affected by the dangerous CT scan radiation levels was exceeding 400.

Officials from the hospitals say that the majority of machines used were manufactured by GE Healthcare with a couple of machines coming from Toshiba. Many technicians who administered the tests say that they were not properly trained on all of the functions of the machines, as the GE Healthcare machines are manufactured with an automatic setting that lowers or heightens the radiation levels according to the patient’s size and body part. On top of that, officials from the Hunstville, AL hospital say that they used higher levels of radiation in order to produce higher quality scans. The medical community is embracing the use of only enough radiation to properly diagnose a condition.

While CT scans are designed to help doctors and patients discover an ailment or potentially serious medical condition, technicians who are not properly trained, faulty equipment and hospital negligence can all cause serious injury to patients. The CT scan injury attorneys at Anapol Weiss can help those who have suffered serious injuries due to radiation poisoning. Our legal team has the resources and experience to help you recover from damages caused by over exposure to CT scan radiation. Contact Anapol Weiss today at (866) 735-2792 for a free and comprehensive evaluation.

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