Pennsylvania Bus Crash Injures Six Passengers and Driver

A recent story from reported an auto accident in Pennsylvania caused by a SEPTA bus. The bus driver was reportedly experienced at maneuvering the bus, but on this particular day, the driver happened to choke on a throat lozenge, causing him to lose control of the vehicle while heading west on Ford Road near Balwynne Park Road. A SEPTA spokesperson said that the bus driver and six passengers were taken to a local hospital where they were treated for minor injuries and then released.

The bus had crashed into the residence of Tania James, 36, who was fortunately not home during the bus accident. Witnesses say that on one side of the road, the bus hit five parked cars and struck a utility pole over. Luckily, no pedestrians or any other drivers were injured in the bus accident. According to reports, the bus also destroyed a metal awning at a house owned by Claudia Conway, 58, and then crashed into the brick front of a home owned by Wanda Kee Taliaferro, 49. There were no reported injuries in any of the buildings the bus crashed into.

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