Pennsylvania Construction Site Accident Attorneys

Almost any type of work or job has its inherent risks and dangers. However, it has been statistically proven that construction sites are more hazardous than most other job sites. Accidents at construction sites often result in catastrophic injury or death. Still, even at a construction site, accidents and hazards can be prevented by implementing stringent safety standards. It is critical for employers to make sure that workers are properly trained in the operation of various types of machinery so they don’t expose themselves to danger by operating heavy machinery that they are not trained to operate.

Construction accidents in Philadelphia can result from defective or unstable scaffolds and falls off of or through roofing structures. Other common construction accidents that can result in serious injury or death include electrocutions, ladder injuries, defective machinery, malfunctioning tools and slip and fall incidents.

When defective or malfunctioning products cause construction accidents, the injured worker, in addition to collection worker’s compensation benefits, can also file a product liability claim against the manufacturer of the defective product.

An example of a possible claim can be seen in a recent incident in New Jersey where a construction worker was thrown from a power scaffold, which tipped as he was working on it. The worker fell 25 feet to the ground and suffered severe head injuries, according to this Herald News report. Apparently, this was the second accident at that construction site in two weeks. Earlier, a carpenter who was working on the roof fell through a skylight and suffered multiple injuries.

If you or a loved one has been seriously injured in a Pennsylvania construction accident, the experienced Pennsylvania construction accident lawyers at Anapol Weiss will make sure that your legal rights are protected. We will explore every possible avenue to make sure that you receive fair compensation to cover your medical expenses, loss of wages or worse, the loss of a loved one. Please call Anapol Weiss today for a free consultation and evaluation of your personal injury claim.

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