Pennsylvania Family Involved in Hudson Crash – Controller Was on Phone

Three members of a Pennsylvania family were in a small single propeller plane which was involved in a crash with a helicopter over the Hudson River in New York City, killing them and six others. Not only was the controller on the phone taking a personal call but his supervisor was not even in the building. Both have been pulled from duty and placed on administrative leave with pay. In their defense, the Federal Aviation Administration stated that presently there was no reason to believe that their actions had anything to do with the accident but the investigation was ongoing.

The FAA added that the controller had transferred the plane monitoring to another airport just before it crashed with the helicopter. According to the FAA, “air traffic controllers, including supervisors are considered on duty throughout their shifts and are expected to be available in case they are needed, even when they are taking breaks.”

A recently retired air traffic controller and former union representative for controllers said, “This had absolutely nothing to do with the accident. The suspended controller handling the plane appeared to perform all his duties related to the doomed flight properly.”

The results of the investigations will be anxiously awaited by many and could determine whether someone’s negligence caused this accident. If you have lost a family member in an aviation accident, let the wrongful death lawyers at Anapol Weiss help defend your rights.

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