Pennsylvania Medical Malpractice Case Results in $1.2 Million Award

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When we go to the doctor or the hospital emergency room, we expect the medical experts to be able to detect the cause of our distress, especially obvious medical problems.

In 1999, Michael Scarpa visited an emergency room in Scranton with complaints of chest pain and vomiting. The advice he received was to take cough medicine and go to his regular doctor the next business day. Unfortunately, Scarpa died two days later.

An autopsy revealed he had an ulcerated esophagus and died from sepsis, caused by food entering his pleural cavity through the hole in his esophagus. The doctors apparently never discovered his condition.

A jury awarded his widow $1.2 million on April 19,2010, after deliberating only four hours.The suit named the hospital and two doctors as defendants. The widow’s attorney may additionally seek delay damages that could add another $700,000 to the recovery, and a Pennsylvania wrongful death action may also be an avenue to pursue.

The jury divided the negligence as follows: hospital 40 percent; one doctor, 30 percent; and the other doctor, 20 percent. Scarpa was assigned 10 percent of the fault, because he did not tell the doctors he had had surgery on his esophagus two years earlier.

Wrongful death attorneys can navigate these difficult waters and prove the necessary elements in a Pennsylvania medical malpractice case. To win such a case, you need to prove:

  • that a doctor or hospital performed negligently (did not meet an accepted standard of care)
  • that the patient suffered significant injury or damages
  • that the doctor’s or hospital’s negligence caused the injury, i.e., was the causation

If the death of your loved one was caused by the negligent, careless or illegal conduct of another person, immediately seek an experienced wrongful death attorney who can help you with your case.

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