Pennsylvania Medical Malpractice Lawsuit Rate Declines

The number of new medical malpractice lawsuits filed in Pennsylvania declined for the fifth straight year in 2009. According to a recent article in the Philadelphia Inquirer, 1,533 new medical malpractice cases were filed in Pennsylvania in 2009, down from 1,602 new cases filed in 2008 and 2,904 new cases filed in 2002.

Medical professionals attribute the decline in cases to new regulations enacted in 2002, which sought to limit the filing of medical malpractice suits and decrease the number of medical errors. In 2003, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court ruled that medical malpractice suits had to be filed in the county where the malpractice allegedly occurred. The Court also held that plaintiffs seeking to file medical malpractice suits had to get a “certificate of merit” from a doctor stating that negligence has occurred.

The number of Philadelphia medical malpractice cases also declined in 2009. Once seen as the state’s medical-malpractice epicenter due to the frequency of large verdicts, Philadelphia had only 491 new medical malpractice suits filed in 2009, compared with 1,365 new suits filed in 2002.

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